Center Logo Vertically

Which file would need editing to be able to center the logo vertically on the top left portion of the page? I've tried cropping the logo so more white spacing is on the bottom of the image but that didn't work. Thanks!

Using HealthCentre Pro version.


  • Hi

    See the snapshot and clear me are did you want put logo . 
    Bz i have little confusion , You want center logo vertically or horizontally .  

    If I  am wrong then pls  send me snapshot by indicating place on which you want to put logo . 

    So  that we can assist you better .

  • Find the snapshot .
    logo center.jpg
  • Hi

    Any update here ?

  • I just found the fix. I had to use the Header Logo Settings for this and just put some white spacing on the bottom of the logo jpg file. I was using the Site Identity setting before which wasn't doing what I wanted in making the logo centered vertically on the left side. Thanks for your help though.
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