Change Only One Nav Button Color & submenu font color

Hello, I'm using the health center pro theme and I would like to change just ONE of the nav button colors (actual button color, not font, from the standard blue to orange.). Can anyone tell me which file I need to modify to change this?

And which file would need editing to change the submenu nav font color from black to something else?



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    For this share your site url and 

    Pls  specify the menu by indicating into the snapshot , for this you want to change  color  . 

    So that we can assist you better .


    It's the Specials nav button that I want to change color to orange. And any of the subMenu that I want to change the font color.

  • Hi

    For this add the below css code into Appearance << Customizer << Header setting <<  custom  css box .  

    li#menu-item-3024 a {
        color: #fff000 ! important;

    Chang color  code value as your need . 
    Let me know for  further assistance . 


  • HI

    For sub menu color issue  .
    Let us clear are you want to change  color for all sub menu color or a specific sub menu . 

  • Hi

    Any update here ?

  • Hello,

    All current black text sub menu font color to another color because on mobiles, it's hard to read the black text over blue background. Thanks!
  • Thanks for the orange button reply but I want to change the blue button of the specials button to an orange button and leave all other nav buttons blue. Not changing the text to orange text, but will be good to know since I will have to change the font color of the specials button. Appreciate your help!
  • Btw, I just moved the site to from a sub-directory in case you are trying to view the site from an above link
  • Hi Dear 

    Kindly take step by step process . 

    For changing sub menu color add the below css code into custom  css box . 

    .dropdown-menu > li > a {
        color: #c09853 !important;

    Change color  code value as your need . 

  • Worked great! Thanks!

    Any way to change the specials rectangular nav button from blue to orange and leave the rest of the button blue so the specials button can be easily noticeable?
  • Hi
    for your rectangular nav button color issue.
    Pls create separate ticket and send snapshot by indicating the button color you want to change .

    Closing this ticket .

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