Reduce height of header layers


I would like to reduce the height of the header layers as shown in the screeshot, as follows :
  • reduce height 1 
  • change height 2 so that height 2 = height 1. if this is not possible (because of the site logo) reduce it to the max as possible => and in this case what should be the site logo dimensions
thank you for your help.


  • Hi

    In the top header layer the extra space is coming through padding, so either make it none or use a very minimal padding

    Add the following css rule in the custom css box in the customizer panel setting.

    .qua-head-detail{padding:1px 0;}

    adjust the pixel value as per your requirement.

    Similarly in the second layer the 10 px padding is coming to reduce to 1px use the following css rule

    .navbar{padding:1px 0;}

  • Thank you it works great
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