More than 4 Portfolio / Project on the index

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I would like to have more than 4 Portfolio-Links on my index-page. Perfect would be 8 in two rows. Is it possible?
I habe teh Pro-Version of the Theme.

Thanks a lot



  • Hi

    For this you need to edit core theme file.

    Firstly I recommend you to create a child theme , than, copy paste the file  index-project.php of parent theme  in the child theme folder.

    Secondly Edit the file and find this line of code 

    if($pp_count_posts > 4)
    { $pp_count_posts = 4; }

    Replace it with 

    if($pp_count_posts > 4)
    { $pp_count_posts = 8; }

  • Wow, pretty cool and - when you know what to do - very simple.

    Thank you very much for your help

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