Change Header to modify social links + insert Language switcher + Newsletter Subscription


As written in the title I would like to change my header into doing the following changes see screenshot.
The only precision is that colours and police have to be all coherent of course.

Many thanx in advance


  • Sorry I have forgotten an icon to the social links.
    here is the updated request in the screenshot :
  • Hi Dear 
    Your query is a part of feature customization . 

    Generally we did not provide such type of support . 
    We provide support modification of our existing content . 
    So we can replace  social icons as your need . 

    For this  create child theme and tell me . 
    Create child theme refer this link .

    For making multilangual site refer this link .

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    Thank you for your answer.
    I have installed a child theme.

    And I have actually installed a network of multisite and have the Multisite Language Switcher plugin activated.
    So the thing is that I need now to insert the links in the middle of the header instead of the left up in header (see the screenshot).

    Plus, I now have an error in the position of the header in both my sites (see links below). How can I correct this error ? 

  • I seem to have managed the header/slider which weren't centered (thanks to a previous request on this forum).

    Looking forward to reading you regarding the centered links to switch language and social icons modifications.
  • HI chickenfer

    follow given instructions to change and more social icon 

    1. go to in your theme directory >> functions >> scripts>> scripts.php 

    find attached url and copy code and replace in scripts.php

    2. go to in your theme directory >>functions >> customizer >> customizer-home.php
    find attached url and copy code and replace in customizer-home.php

    3. go to in your theme directory >> header.php
    find attached url and copy code and replace in header.php

    now you can use your required social icon 

    let me know did it work 

  • for your other query

    about your white space above the social link bar query plz remove your  language switcher form header its because of your switch code.
    1. to make multi language site you can follow this link  
    2. to show subscriber button you can use mail subscriber plugin that are freely available in WordPress repo  


  • Thank you very much for the social icons !!! it works perfectly ! I'm really impressed.
    I'm checking for the mail subscriber plugin, still hesitating on it.

    But I'm left alone for the links to switch language. I find WPML quite expensive for the use.... :(
  • HI chickenfer

    Glad to know social media working for you.

    if you don't mind can i ask you for creating new ticket for you multi language query and close this ticket because multiple query in single ticket create complexity to resolved query.

    if you allow can i close this ticket

  • OK close this one and open a new one for the multi language query
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