No feed matched given criteria??

I just purchased Pro version. If I display entire feed from my Instagram account it works fine. If I "Filter user feed with the specific hashtags" it gives me the message "No feed matched given criteria." even though I know there are items tagged with what I'm filtering.

Please advise as this is the ONLY reason I purchased the Pro version.



  • Sorry for to include mu URL...

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    HI slamb2112

    i m very sorry about that Instagram API changes came into effect 1 june 2016 and its looks like caused an issue with the scope of our app.

    if this therealdonda this your Instagram account then plz create new access token of this account with the help of this url 

    create your new access token with this  url

    let me know did  it work 


  • I have created the new access token as per your instructions. It still only works if I show entire feed, if I "Filter user feed with the specific hashtags" it gives me the message "No feed matched given criteria."
  • Hi slamb2112

    ok  do one thing 

    1 go to in your  plugin design customize tab and set 

    2. number of photo 32

    if also you face same issue then plz share your user id and hashtag which you are filtring also you plugin version 

    so we can test it on our end whats going wrong there


  • Ok, I set it to 32 and now some show up, but it only loads the first 4 images not all 32. User ID is 22126977 and hashtag is #doeslovedogs.
  • Sorry...plugin Version 1.6.1
  • HI 

    yes its working fine as we hope.

    let me explain why its not show all 32 medias

     because Instagram api did not give permission to fetch media with filter "as you required" so we customize this plugin on some customers demand. but there is an problem Instagram api give permission to fetch 32 media on single request so after api request we filter it on our end so if at the filternation time which media  matched with your all given hash tag those are  display. so for next media  you have to need to click on load more button for  request next media.

    if you like our plugin and support plz give  supper review wordpress org 

    let me know if you have any other questions 

    Happy to help you

  • It now only loads 2 media. I have not changed any settings. It does not appear to load consistently. Please advise.
  • Hi 

    i test your site and found 4 images at page load time have a look in screen shot

    plz share screen shot where you have 2 image on the basis of find the fixed 

  • I now has four. When I wrote you it loaded 2. I added another image to Instagram and then it only loaded 3. Then I added another image to Instagram and it loaded 4.

    If you click the load more button you will see that it does not consistenly add 4 media at a time.
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    Lets take example, the instagram allow us to fetch at the max 32 media items. There is no provision given, to filter user specific feeds by hash tags. So we have coded in such a manner that out of 32 items, plugin will display those media items which passes the filter criteria, ie, say you have in total 96 media items and you have hash tag called "yourcustomhastag" on 15 media items. Now from first 32 sets of media, filter passes only 3 media items, than 3 items will be shown, on second set of request say 12 media items passes the filter , than 12 media item will display and lastly one will on last request.

    So its not possible to show same number of item on the click of Load More with the current base (as per your criteria) and it took lot of customization which is not possible right now.

    Sorry for the inconveinence,

  • Thanks for your reply!
  • Hi

    Can I close this ticket. Also we know that was not achieved but still can I ask you to rate the plugin

  • Yes you can close the ticket. I will post a review.
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