Slider Quit Working in Health Centre Pro

I had a problem with the max number of menu items issue and the slider was working fine but then all of a sudden the slider quit working while working on the menu. Slider doesn't appear at all. I didn't do any updates or install any new plugins. I tried disabling the slider and re-enabling it sever times but still no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • Also, when the slider quit working, the testimonial section on the home page broke too and was displaying all of the testimonies on the page instead of the slider testimony effect.
  • Hi

    Its working fine at our end . 

    It may be some conflict with your end . 

    If possible share your website url .


  • Kindly replace the package , sounds like code editing issue.
  • by replacing the package, will that overwrite all of the new pages and changes I created? And there are custom scripts for the form/database, will replacing the package delete or overwrite them too? Can't I just upload some slider and testimony files or something, that way I don't have to replace the whole package?
  • Hi @ celibre 

    Issue is not regarding to our theme .  The issue is accrue due to you add custom js that's the reason of issue . 

    The only way you need to replace the package . 

    You can lost of the changes you have made into the core theme file by creating child theme . 

    Create child theme and add the file you have made changes into the core theme file . 

  • thanks for the help
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