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You guys helped me create a Blog template that had the Read More button (like your example online shows), but this template is for full width, and I would like the same template with the Read More button but with the side bar on the right visible (just like my other pages). See



  • Can someone please help me with this.
  • Hi

    For this follow the given below instruction . 
    1   Find the  blog-full-read-more.php  file (located in your theme folder ) . 

    2    Replace the code of it  with the code mention in this link  .   
    Let me know for further assistance .


  • Great that worked but when you click on a blog article and read it, it doesn't provide the option of looking at the blog article before it, or after it.
  • Hi

    We have little confusion whats your means . 
    Pls more clear .

  • most blog platforms have an option that if someone is reading an article, that when they get down to the bottom of the article, they can see the title of the article written before and after that date. This allows people not have to go all the way back to the main blog page to see what other articles are there.
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