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We are experiencing extended delays in the home page loading, due to the size of the pictures.  It loads with a plain white background and much later, the pictures populate the site.  Is there something that can be done within the setup to decrease the size of the pictures w/o losing resolution???  We want to meet the size requirements of your theme, but also would like the site to load faster, if possible.

We are working with our hosting provider, but wanted to check with you, as well.

If not, we understand.  We simply wanted to ask.

Any assistance you can provide is appreciated.


  • HI ,

    You may try a few image compression service / plugins which reduce the file size without significantly reducing the resolution.

    You may also try cache plugins but it might not make much difference to image loading time.

  • Okay.  Thank you.
  • Disable all the plugins and see weither it make any difference or not.
  • Will do...
  • Haven't noticed any difference, unfortunately

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