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I have tried everything and I can not get the Featured Services/Slider to work on the homepage. Help?



  • Hi

    Have you checked after disabling all the plugins. The reason I am asking is just because in most of the cases we have found the plugin confliction.

    Deactive all the plugins and see the problems gets resolve or not.

    Let us know

  • Every single plugin is disabled and nothing. As you can see, it is not working. I would assume I would build the slides on the Featured Services/Slider menu as seen in the picture? 

    What is going on? I am almost ready for my money back as this template has been nothing but a headache.image
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    Here I'm sending a screenshot this will be helpful to resolve your problem.

    I think you have selected a (Blog Template) wrong template.

    Now Go to Dashboard Admin Panel >> Settings >> Reading >> Front page displays.

    Now select "Your latest posts" option.

    Now save the changes.

    Let me know for further assistance.

    Home Setting.png
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  • Nope. Didn't work. What are my other setting supposed to be? I am so frustrated.
  • Hi

    If possible provide us the admin access and mail your details at themes(at)webriti(dot)com

  • Priyanshu - 

    Just sent you an email.
  • Hi,

    After debugging we have found that you have placed your theme root folder into "spasalon-pro-1.8.2".

    That's why it conflict the slider.

    Here "spasalon-pro" is a main theme folder.

    So please remove this folder from "spasalon-pro-1.8.2" folder and Follow the given below structure :

    Because all things file should be here.


    NOTE: I also attached a Screen Shot this will be your output.

    Let me know for further assistance.

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    Got it. Thank you.
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