Change Language problem

HI, hi already post my problem, but in a different Topic, and this is maybe the reason why i get no reply anymore.
Here the problem and what i already did :
I want to change the language of "read more" Button, "older posts" and so on:


For regarding your translation issue . 
Refer this link 
Let me know for further assistance . 



Sorry but i dont know if im right and understand. i have
already a language a correct xyz.po file in my wp-content/language
folder from wordpress.
so also the last step already exist at wp-config.php (define ('WPLANG', 'xyz'); )
so and i also upload the new language po file ( which i download HC.po and translate to new xyz.po file in "wp-content\themes\your theme name\functions\lang".
nothing change and teh website"


  • Hey atom13

    Sorry for delay response 

    follow given instruction 

    go to in your theme directory >> functions.php 

    find line number 122 and search comment 
    // Read more tag to formatting in blog page

    here you can change read more in your language 

    let me know did it work

  • Hey @atom13
    Any update Here?

  • i wil lcheck today, sorry before i had no time
  • i changed, but still read more for example at "services" button at frontpage.
  • hey 

    to change home page service section read more button text 

    follow given instruction 

    go to in your theme directory >> index-service.php 

    find line number 69 and change it in your langiage 

    let me know did it work 

  • ok perfect this worked.
  • Glad to know that its works for you 



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