Terms& Conditions 1 year ?

Hi, i bought a few minutes ago the Health Care Theme (pro), in
description was printed Support and Update for 1 Year. Now when im
logged in, i can see that my theme is now for one year. So to be clear,i
can use the Pro Theme also after one year and "only" the support and
update stops or i can also not use the pro theme anymore after one year
and have to renew ?


  • and where i can change the Language, means for all the buttons like "Read more" or at widgets "phone" and so on ?
  • Hi

    After completion of one year . 
    You can not get update and support . 
    But you can use old version of theme . 
    Whenever you want . 

  • Hi

    For regarding your translation issue . 
    Refer this link 
    Let me know for further assistance . 

  • Sorry but i dont know if im right and understand. i have already a language a correct xyz.po file in my wp-content/language folder from wordpress.
    so also the last step already exist at wp-config.php (define ('WPLANG', 'xyz'); )
    so and i also upload the new language po file ( which i download HC.po and translate to new xyz.po file in "wp-content\themes\your theme name\functions\lang".
    nothing change and teh website
  • Furthermore, is it possible to show some widgets at only one or a few selected pages ?

    Because now it is like this when i enable the 2 colum layout at a page, it will show all sidebar widgets, which i added at widget area. but for example i want a page a widget search and at page b widget translate and recent articles but not teh widget search
  • how i can reach the Option Panel, its missing in my backend structure from wordpress
  • HI, want to remember at my open questions. Could please anybody help me ?
  • Hi

    According to wordpress new guideline we  removed option panel .

    And all the settings we have implemented via Customizer .

    So go to Appearance << Customizer and Find the setting option . 


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