Filtering Services that appear on page

Is it possible to only display certain services on a page? 

For example, if I have 10 services added to my featured services, but only want to show 5 of them, can that be done?


  • Hi

    You are talking about this page Let me clear you want to show 5 services per page or just 5 service. Then what you will do with the other remaining services you created.

    Because if you din't want to use other than its better to delet them.
  • What I wanted to do (since I'm not able to put section headings for each grouping of service) was to have seperate pages for each group or services.  I was hoping to be able to maybe create 3 separate pages of services, then within each page just show certain services that match.

    For example, on my page, I have 3 groups of services:  Lash, Makeup/Beauty and Massage.  I want to make each group their own page, and within each page, list the services that correspond to the group.

    It seems right now, you can only display all of the services at once and can't "hide" or filter a service when we use the service template.

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