The font size and color in the page banners

Is there any way to change the font size and color in the banners at the tops of the pages. Not the template banners or the others, just those that appear at the top of each page under the logo and main menu. 

Here's a screenshot


  • Hi

    For this Change banner background color or font size use below code in custom css Field

    background-color:#ee591f !important

    .page-title h1
    font-size:30px !important;

    Change background-color code and font-size as your need.

  • Thank you, but this didn't work. Is there a separate code to change the banner image, too?
  • Hi
    Sorry for your inconvenience dear.
    But we have little confusion which banner image font size and color would you want to change .
    And clear which banner image you want to change .
    Pls clear us by snapshot .
    So that we can assist you better.

  • It's the top banner on all pages. The one directly under the main menu and logo.

  • Is it possible for you to share your site url..
  • Why? Look at the screenshot. The color in the banner is white. How can I change this background color to black?
  • How you able to get the red skin either from customizer theme color setting or via child theme..
  • .page-title-section
    background-color:black !important
  • This is exhausting.

    I would like for the text color in the background to be black instead of white.

    Let's just skip the background color issue for now. 

    Thanks a bunch.
  • Is there a CSS code to change the font color in the banners from white to black?
  • .page-title h1{color:black;}
  • Any updates..
  • And it works. Yes! Thnks much.
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