Add 5th column to service section

Hello, I have the HealthCentre Pro version. How can I add a 5th column to the service section of the home page in the same row? In the service admin section, options are 4 columns, 8 columns, 12, etc stacked by 4 columns in each row. Thanks!


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    If yes than it require code customization , therefore, I recommend you to create a child theme so that you latr update the theme than your changes will remain unchanged.

    Let me know once you create child theme. There are plugins available which help you to create child theme.

  • Exactly like your sample! I installed the child theme plugin (child themify). Thank you for the help so far!
  • child themify didn't work so i had to install the child theme configurator plugin. After installing and checking, I get this warning (haven't proceeded with creating a child theme yet.):

    This theme may not apply child theme styles correctly with the current settings:
    • A stylesheet link tag is hard-coded into the header template.
    I'm using the pro version of the health centre theme. I've backed up all files in case it breaks the theme if proceeding.

    In the event using a child theme is not recommended with this pro version theme, I still would like the 5 service columns. Thanks!
  • Thanks for your help priyanshu, but I figured out how to incorporate the 5 columns.
  • Share the link how you have done that
  • Set the number of services in the service station to 8 in the service settings. Then change number to 5 in the source code found on index-service.php

    <?php if($j%5==0){    echo "<div class='clearfix'></div>"; } $j++;  endwhile;
  • You have to modify the bootstrap.css file.


      .col-md-2 {
        width: 16.666666666666664%;

    to this:

      .col-md-2 {
        width: 20%;
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