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I have a problem with my site. I try to fix a slider that links to a page. If I make a message in the categorie 'slider', I want to link to the page 'vacatures' and not to the message. I want to link to: Also the button 'read more' is gone. I want to change 'read more' for 'Bekijk onze vacatures'. How could I solve this problem? my website is

Greetz Kevin


  • Hey kevinkreuger,

    let me clear you wan to link your page with read more button on slider 

  • If you want to display read more than put more tag in the text editor. But the Read More button will redirect you to the page whose title is Bent u op zoek naar een nieuwe uitdaging in de financiële sector
  • But if you want to different link than you have to customize the core code.
  • More specific: I want just the story that's stays on the slider now, but I want to make one more 'block' link behind the other two blocks. Normaly it's the button "read more". But than I want a button "Bekijk onze vacatures". This button most link to ;
  • Hey @kevinkreuger,

    kindly take a look in attached screen shot and let me confirm to button slider button format

    your site is runig dwon plz open it so we can look your slider post

    slider extra link button.png
  • Yes, that button is what I'm looking for, but than in de red edtion. Where in your screen shot stay click, must it be 'Bekijk onze vacatures' and that button must link to ;
  • At the moment I have selected a categorie slider. The text in the boxes you already see on is a message in the categorie 'slider'
  • Hey @kevinkreuger,

    follow given instructions step by step 

    1. copy all given code in attached file.

    2. go to in your theme directory >> functions.php file  and then go to line number 116 or find function name appointment_post_slider_excerpt 
    replace this function with given code function 

    3. save 

    Note: plz do change care fully and deactivate theme then paste code otherwise it gives you syntax error 

    let me know 


    custom-button link.txt
  • How do I deactivate the theme? 
  • activate default WordPress theme

  • Done, but nothing happend. What can I do more? There is no button: ;
  • Hi its working fine on our end 
    kindly share your site url on my email id so we fix id on your site 

  • This is what I see. I will send you the mail too
  • send url in email with admin details 

  • its because you enterd words in slider  less then 25  kindly enter more then 25 words 

  • Resolved

    can i close this ticket 

  • Is it also posible to write more than 25 words? 
  • yes you can 

    but its not display on slider image 

  • Hey @kevinkreuger,

    any update or should i close the ticket

  • Hi Abhishek,

    So to be clear, I can put more than 25 words but they will not be shown in de slider? 

    Greetz Kevin
  • yes if you want to display more then 25 words on slider image then you have to customize code 

    go to in your theme directrory >> functions.php and search /********** Image Resize *************/

    and change red highlighted value as you need 

    /********** Image Resize *************/
    function appointment_excerpt_length($length ) {
           return 25;

    let me know 

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