Adding Yelp to social networking bar

Is there any built in functionality to add Yelp as one of the social media icons?  (where Facebook, instagram, etc icons are currently located)


  • HI 
    Firstly I suggest you to create child theme and do the layout changes from there.
    Because if you update the theme with the latest one than you will lost all  changes made into the core theme file .  

    To create child theme download the plugin from this link 
    And create child theme and tell me .

  • Hi syee,

    Any update here ?

  • I created a child theme with the plugin as suggested.  What do I need to do next?
  • Hi 

    To add yelp social media icons into header . Follow the given below instruction . 

    1 Create header.php file in your child theme directory . 
    2 Replace the code of it with the code of header.txt (Which is given below attachment ). 

    Then edit the header.php file of child theme directory and find the below line of code on line no 58

    <li class="googleplus"><a href=" enter custom url here "><i class="fa fa-yelp"></i></a></li>

    And enter custom url  in place of text which is  I made red . 

    Let me know for further assistance . 

  • Hi

    Did the above solution work for  you ?

  • Hi - yes - I have Yelp in my header now.  Thanks!
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