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I've just done all things to translate my busiprof pro theme in French (poedit, fr_FR, and so on)
But certain terms still stay in english, like  "search" fonction or "quick contact" that I really want to translate in french.
Can you help me to change something directly in the php?
or an another way to manage translation ?

thank you very very much.



  • Hi nguezel,

    kindly share your site url . and if possible indicate with screen shot. so we help you better 

  • Hello Abhisnek !
    thank for your answer.
    I've just succeed to change search.php directly by editor. (not easy for me cause i don't know programmation on php.. gloups..)
    I can't send you my site url cause  its on " maintenance", you can't reach it at the present time.
    but i can't understand why translation doesn't work with Busiprof.pot, fr_FR  and poledit ...

    So now, i would like to know where is the php for the fonction "quick contact" to change only 'the constants' in french.

    Can you tell me?
    Many thanks
  • Hi

    See the snapshot Tell me . 

    Is it right  on which  you want to change text in french .

    widget text.png
  • Hi Akhilesh,
    Many thanks for your answer.

    But I've found the conatct fonction and I've translated  it in French. It works very well.

    Nevertheless, I would liked to understand why translation doesn't work with Busiprof.pot, fr_FR  and poledit ...

    Good morning .
  • Hi

    To translate  the theme refer this link

    Follow the instruction clearly .

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