How to customize Contact Form

i´m using your wallstreet template at my website
Now i want to customize it. 
 I would like to change the form-text, for example "First Name" into "Vorname"..

I want to delete the field "website" or make it not required field.

Can you show me the way please.



  • Hi 
    Lets take step by step process .

    To change First name text 
    For this follow the given below instruction.

    1 Find the contact-us.php file (located in your theme folder ).

    2 Find the below line of code on line no 96

    <input type="name" id="first_name" name="first_name" placeholder="First Name:" class="blog-form-control">

    <span  style="display:none; color:red" id="contact_user_firstname_error"><?php _e('Please Enter Your First Name','wallstreet'); ?> </span>

    Change this text with your own text . 

    Let me know for further assistance . 

  • Hi 

    And to remove website field add the below css code into 
    Appearance << Customizer << Custom css box . 

    input#website {
        display: none;

    Hope the above solution work for you , 
    Should you need further assistance , Let me know .

  • Hello Akhilesh,
    thanks for your prompt reply. This solution works fine for me.
    Kind Regards
  • Sorry,
    i have one more question about the contact form.
    If the user sends the form with one or more missing fields, he gets a message "Please enter..."
    and all fields are empty. Is there a solution to preserve the inputs?
  • Ups,
    i´ve testet your solution:

    And to remove website field add the below css code into 
    Appearance << Customizer << Custom css box . 

    input#website {
        display: none;
    The field is not shown but requires inputs.

  • Hey oliverbeck,

    ok dont worry follow given instruction 

    its s core code customization so we suggest you to create a child theme . so if you update theme in future then your code be safe  

    you can read more about child theme here

    you can use this plugin for create child theme

    /**after you create child theme**/

    1.go to in your theme directory >> contact-us.php 

    2. select and cut contact-us.php file and go to in your wallstreet child theme directory and paste it here 

    3. find attached contact-us.txt file and copy all code.

    4.go to  in your wallstreet child theme directory >> contact-us.php 

    5. open contact-us.php and replace this code with attached contact-us.txt .

    6. save

    7. activate wallstreet child theme and use 

    let me know did it work 

  • Hey abhishek,
    thanks for your prompt reply. I enjoy your perfect support!!
    I´ve created a child theme an edit the code in contact-us.phh. It works fine.

    Only one wish left:
    Is there a way to prevent made inputs after sending an incomplete form?
    So that the user must not enter all text again?

  • Hi oliverbeck

    Glad to know that it works for you 

    Kindly create a new ticket for new query multiple query's in single tickets creates confusion.

    plz cooperate.

    Happy to help you!

    closing this ticket

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