Line break in Service Heading Description

I would like a line break in the service heading description. What can I do?

Thank you


  • HI

    For this follow the given below instruciton . 

    1 Find the post-meta.php file (located in your theme folder << functions << meta-box folder << find the file  ).

    2 Replace the code of it with the code of post-meta.txt ( given  below in the attahcment ).

    Hope your issue will resolve .

    Shold you need any kind of further assistance .
    Let me know .

  • Hello, 

    I did. Then refresh. Then added <br> in the service description but still no change. Any idea?
  • I saw that the sanitize_text_field function has been removed from line 88 in the post-meta file that should enable the <br> break line right? 

    Am I missing a step? Do I have to update something?
  • Hi

    The above code it provide you working perfect . 

    You can see the snapshot . 

    Again replace the code and if still does not resovle  your issue .

    Share your website url .

    service edit.png
  • I get where the problem is (but I cant still fix it)

    I dont want to have a break in the description of the service itself but in the description of the the title of the services. (See attachment) How can I do that?

    Thanks for your help
    Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 10.26.39 PM copy.png
  • Hi 

    Okay dear I got it . 

    For this follow the givne below steps .

    1 Find the customizer-service.php file (Located in your theme folder << fucntions folder << customzer << find the file  ).

    2 Then replace the code of it with the code of customizer-service.txt (Which is given below in the attahcmetn ).

    Let me know for fruther assistance . 

  • It worked, Thanks! You can close the ticket. You guys've been a great help.

  • Hi 

    Happy to know that it's work for you .

    Thank you so much dear . 

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