style.css stylesheet.

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I hope someone can help with this issue, I'd appreciate it.

I've downloaded some categories and while uploading Wordpress states:

 Het pakket kan niet geïnstalleerd worden. Het thema mist de style.css stylesheet.

Package can't be installed. Theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.



  • Hey  Dear 

    Thanks for contacting us . We are always here for your support . 

    I Think  your are uploading wrong theme package folder  . 

    Pls refer this link  for download and uploading the theme . 

    If still does not resolve your issue . 
    feel free to ask us . 

    Happy to helps! 

  • Hey 

    Did your issue resolve ?

    Kindly tell us .

  • Hi,

    thanks for reminding me. I thought I left a message but apparently not.

    Yes the issue is resolved, thank you :).

    Surprisingly the template is different from the demo. The banner image on the demo is why I choose this design. In de pro version there's a slide, which I do not like. When I turn it off, the image disappears completely. There's also no way to change the image (in de slide) you can change the timelapses etc. but not the images.

    Hope you can help. I want 1 image, no slide.


  • Hi 

    Sure dear we will provide you assistance  regarding to your issue . 

    Please create new ticket for other issues.

    It will help to both the end,  to batter understanding of the problem as well as providing solution.

    Closing this ticket .

    Happy to help!
  • not sure how to close a ticket...but i can be close :)
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