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I think I've read everything in this forum about the "drop us a line" form on the contact page and I didn't find an answer. I've sent several testing messages using the form but I haven't received any. The form does not work.

What do I need to do?

Thank you


  • Hi arenoosh,

    kindly try with smtp plugin. its free available in word press  

    configure settings and send tests mail 

    let me know 

  • Hi Abhishek

    I did installed the plugin you suggested me.
    I made the test on the wp-dashboard and I did received the email from the account I set up.
    Then I went again on incognito on my website, filled the form and pressed "send message" but I haven't received anything on my email.

    The plugin I installed it seems it helps me to send out emails from my wp but I don't see how I can receive the messages from the clients.

    Thank you
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    its working well on our end. plz share your site url 
  • www.tradingfloorfx.com
  • its because you remove website field from contact page.

    and you forget to remove there code let me confirm you remove website html code  from contact core file 

  • Yes I did removed the website field as it was a "must fill" field and most of the people I expect to use that form do not have an website. I could leave the website field if you code it not no be a "must fill" field if this is the problem.
  • if you want contact page without  website field then we provide customize field 

    you can use this code contact-us.php.

    find attached contact-us.txt file and copy all code and replace with your theme contact-us.php fiel 

    let me know did it work 


  • Excellent! Thank you so much!
    Everything works perfect now.
  • glad to know that.
    Happy to help you.

    closing this ticket.

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