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Hello, you helped me with the blog category layout earlier and it works, but when I open the article I view it content. It asks if possible to have the full width of the article when I open it to read it. I attach photos.

thank you!
Schermata 2020-12-23 alle 15.45.42.png
Schermata 2020-12-23 alle 15.44.04.png
Schermata 2020-12-23 alle 15.46.58.png


  • Hi 
    Oops sorry for inconvenience.
    To apply changes for only category page. Follow the given below instruction.

    1 Firstly  undo the changes you have made via this ticket. or delete the content.php file from child theme directory.
    2 Create child theme refers to this link.Ignore if you have already created a child theme.

    After it Creates a new file in the child theme with the name  archive.php  and edits it, then paste the code in it from this link
    Save the changes and activate your child theme.
    Let me know for further assistance.


  • is perfect! 
    thank you very much and Merry Christmas.
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