Sliders not displaying properly on iOs / Android mobile phones


I have noticed that sliders do not show properly on mobile phones (iOs and Android) - Banner title, description, Call title and Call number do not show at all whatever the screen orientation may be (Portrait or Landscape)..

Can you help please? Many thanks.


  • Sliders thumbnails not showing as well  :(
  • Hi, @bccm74fr

    Can you share your site URL, so that we can take a closer look and assist you better.

  • Hi

    URL is   

    Thanks for your support
  • Hi,

    Banner title and description are showing in the Home page 2 template.
    And Either you can show the thumbnails or the banner title and description.
    If you select the Home Page 2 template, thumbnails are not showing.
    So if you want to show both, create two different pages and assign the Home page template on first page and Home page 2 on the second page. In your site Homepage page is already there, just create one more page with name Home 2 and assign the Home Page 2 template. Make the Home 2 as a submenu of Home.

  • Hi

    thanks for this advice. This is more a workaround to get something on iOS / Android devices than anything else. Unfortunately from your initial response it seems that there is nothing that can be done to have the standard Home page dsiplayed properly on those mobile devices. Too bad!
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