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Dear Webriti-Team,

for the shop function of the wp-site I'd like to add new pages for each category. Each site should have a full width cover. 

I already chose the template "full width" but each time I add a cover, the cover is centered and not in full width. 

Any suggestions how to fix this?

Theme used: Busiprof Pro.

Thanks and best regards.



  • Hi, gphperformance

    Please let me know do you want to same as the screenshot.
  • Hello Webriti-team,

    I'm also interested in the solution of this issue, because I think I have the same.
    I'm also using Busiprof Pro and I would like to add my own slides picture on the homepage (slider section).
    I've saved my pictures on the format 1900x637 like the default slide ones from the theme (the one from the busiprof theme are stored in wp-content).
    But each time I upload my own image in WP media  to be used in the slider section, my image is minimized and centered instead of remaining full width.

    I would like to keep the full width for my sliders on the homepage/cover page.
    Where is the issue coming from?
    I think the only difference between my picture and the default ones of the theme, is that mine are stored in the wordpress media and those of the theme are stored under wp-content/image. But me I'm not supposed to go in the wp-content folder right?
  • I've finally found the solution to the issue using the ticket:

    Slider Busiprof Prof

    and the description:

    Thank you

  • Hi, @mylene p

    Please do not post your query in other support threads because it creates complexity to handle a better support query.
    So always open a new thread for each query.

  • Hi Gamit.

    Thanks for your reply. I don’t want the products to be the slider. Here is an example, which could make it clearer.

    I build a online shop for car parts with several pages for each car part category (I. E. one page for engine parts, one page for suspension parts and one page for brake parts). For each page I‘d like to have a different cover picture using the full width of the page. At the Moment I add a cover picture using the cover Tag, but it‘s only 75 % of the Page. But i‘d Like to have this slider feature as on the Homepage, if possible. Or at least the full width cover picture.

    Thank you and best regards.

  • Please share your online shop site URL and if possible share a screenshot, so that we can take a closer look and assist you better.
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