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Dear WebRiti-Team,

i recently installed the pro version of the Busiprof-Theme and I'm surprised how large the amount of features is. It fulfills 99% of my needs. The remaining 2 % maybe could be solved here. Issue #2.

I set up the contact page. I saw, that next to the phone icon there is a facebook icon. I would like to add an instagram icon as well, so that we have the phone icon and the facebook icon AND instagram icon next to the phone icon. Both social networks are linked in the footer section as well, so the external links to both networks are already within the variables of the template. 

I would be stoked if that could be realised in some way.

Thank you and best regards from germany.


P.S.: Here the link to the site:


  • HI 
    Thanks for contacting to us.
    Pls check our demo contact page we  have three social icon  attached with Big phone icon, See the snapshot .
    Which icon on contact page twitter and linkedin  not useful, So that I will replace  useless icon(tweeter or linkedin ) with Instagram Icon.

  • Hi Akhilesh.

    Thanks for your fast reply. I‘d like to have the linkedin icon replaced.

    Thank you and best regards.

  • Hi 
    Firstly download the Instagram social icon image from the given below attachment.
    Then upload the  Instagram icon  image via Media Tab available in  your wordpress dashboard and copy the path of image.

    Then add the below css code inside the  Customzier >> Additional css box. 

    .linkedin-social a {
    .linkedin-social a:hover {

    Change background url value with your media library Instagram social icon.
    Then go to Customizing ▸ General settings

    Social icons  and add link in linkedin field.

    Hope I made my point clear. Let me know for any confusion.


    Then ad

  • Dear Akhilesh.

    Thanks for your guideline. I fixed it with a little work around based on your explanation. Can be closed!


  • Hi,

    Glad to help you!

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    I am waiting for you kind review on support forum.

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