Testimonial Slider Speed


is there a possibility to customize the slider speed .ie. with css?
Via Customizer there are only 1-6 seconds; It is too short time to read. I would need a little bit more.

How can I extend these 1-6 seconds?

Many thanks!



  • Thanks for contacting to us.

    To do this follow the below steps.

    1) Create a child theme, Ignore if already existing.
    2) In child theme directory create a new file with name index-testimonials.php and paste this code.
    3) Save & Activate it.

    After this Go to Appearance >> Theme Editor and select index-testimonials.php file in child theme folder and change data interval value on line no 89  according to your needs.

    For more help  refer to this screenshot.

    Let me know for any confusion.

  • Hi sohail,

    many thanks! This is very helpful! I will try this today. 

    Kind Regards

  • Hi @365cloud

    Is your problem resolved?
    If yes, please allow us to close this discussion.

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