How do I display the "Project" of the home page, also on a posting page on my website?

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Good Morning,

I want the "PROJECT" that already appears on the home page, continues to appear on it and now also appears on a static page on my website.

The "Project" tab on the static page should be the same as the home page, as if it were a copy and paste. But it works in real time and with the same changes as the homepage.

Thank you


  • Hi @rodrigomagalhaes

    We have already gives the templates for the projects to show on different pages in 2, 3 and 4 column layouts. Please assign the project templates to show projects on another pages.
    For more help refer to this screenshot.

  • Thank you, that's right! However, this message appears on the "Services" tab and the correct one on the "Project" tab does not appear.

    How to solve?
  • Hi

    To change title and description on project category template Go to Appearance >> Customize >> Template settings >> Project with category template and change title and description text according to your needs.
    For more help refer to this screenshot.

    Let me know for any confusion.

  • Thank you, what you taught me solved
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