I've been using the Busiprof template for quite some time now and now I've tried to integrate the Woocommerce plugin.

I do have some small issues:

1. The cart icon does not appear anywhere. Where should it be?
I've done a work around, by a header widget in the Top header right area. It's a small fix but I wanted to show the cart and the quantity in it.

2. The widget shows the item on the left side of the top header. How can I move it on the right side? Please see attached picture.

3. Also, if I were to add more widgets , it will be one under the other. What code can I use to show them on next to the other (in-line)?

Thank you!
Bogdan Toropu
Prinst screen 1.jpg


  • Hi @btoropu

    Thanks for contacting us.

    The cart icon is show on menu.There are many plugins available on wordpress.org to show cart icon on menu. Add this plugin to show cart icon on menu.
    For your other queries create separate tickets because multiple queries in single thread create complexity to handle better support queries.

  • Hello.

    got it. It works. Thank you!

    I will make separate tickets for the other issues.

    Bogdan Toropu

  • Glad to help you.

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