Problem with my index banner for image, slider and menu no responsive

I have a problem with my Index, my menu and my slider where they are no longer responsive on the phone.
See pohoto.

I don't understand why because I didn't touch anything ...



  • Hi @fr3fr3

    Thanks for contacting us.

    In your theme folder, the media-responsive.css file is empty.

    Go to appearance >> Theme Editor and select a media-responsive.css file and add this CSS code. For more help refer to this screenshot.

    let me know for any confusion.

  • How is it that my media-responsive.css is empty?

    Perfect it works!
    The Facebook and Instagram icons are just missing at the top, but it doesn't matter or can be normal on the iPhone.

    Thank you anyway :)
  • Hi

    Your initial query was resolved. For your second query create separate tickets because multiple queries in single thread create complexity to handle better support queries.
    I am closing this ticket.

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