Busiprof "Project" area on homepage not editable

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The "Recent Projects" on the homepage area seems to be uneditable--??? I have added projects, but it keeps showing the stock text and images, like "Business cards", etc, as well as topics like "Web Design."  I can not find those anywhere to turn off.   I have created 2 projects, but neither are showing.  
   Website:  www.thehappyhandymankc.com
   And, fyi--the "How to manage Homepage Project in Busiprof Theme" tutorial shows the wrong picture--
  It's showing how to change the blog area, not the project area. Neither are helping in this case, though.

   Thank you.


  • Hi 
    Thanks for contacting to us.
    Oops in our docs it is showing   recent blog setting instead of project settings.
    We will update  help docs. See the Project Setting options in snapshot
    Project is showing perfect at our end, I think you didn't  assign project to the  category.
    Pls assign project at least one category. See the snapshot.

    Let us know for any confusion. 

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