Busiprof - help with Slider, Infobar, and Recent Projects

 I purchased the Busiprof Pro today and am having trouble with several areas:

1. Slider--  I have my own slide, including text, that I want to take up the entire area.  I do not want the theme to add text over the top.  How do I do this?
2.  InfoBar-- when I turn off the slider, it also takes away the info bar. I want the info bar back without the slider being on. Also, how do I add a picture to the info bar?
3.  The "Recent Projects" on the homepage area seems to be uneditable--??? I have added projects, but it keeps showing the stock text and images, like "Business cards", etc.  

  The website is www.thehappyhandymankc.com

 Thank you.


  • Hi 
    Thanks for contacting to us.
    We have checked your website you did not add slider/or disable slider. Its did not showing on home page.
    To manage slider ,info bar and project section read our theme help docs link.

    Let us know for  any confusion.

  • HI
    For your second query #2.
    Info bar disable when you disable slider, its a little mistake in our code.
    To fix it, you need to create a child theme, For creating a child theme refers this link .
    Ignore if you have already created child theme. After it  Create a new file in the child theme with name  index-slider.php  and edit it, then paste the code in it from  https://pastebin.com/raw/Rgyi2x1g
    Save changes and activate your child theme..
    Let me know for further assistance.


  • Hello Akhilesh,
     Thank you for the help so far.  
      For the slider--I disabled it because it looked bad and didn't want it to be seen.  The help article does not answer my question--is there a way to use my own image in the slider, without any text? 
       And when I have done the steps outlined for the Recent Project area, it does not display the projects I created, but the ones that come with the template.  How are those changed? 
  • And just so you know--the "How to manage Homepage Project in Busiprof Theme" tutorial shows the wrong picture--
      It's showing how to change the blog area, not the project area. Neither are helping in this case, though :)
  • Hi @llcrandall
    Never bundle multiple query in single thread bz it creates complexity to handle better support query.
    Always creates single  ticket for each issue.
    Let's take step-by-step process.
    For your slider related query, Yes You can use your own  image  in slider section.
    Simply upload image and remove text from title, description field.
    More help see the snapshot http://prntscr.com/ranrh1

    For  your project related query#3, Pls open new ticket so that we can assist you better.

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    I have an issue I’d like help with please at my test site at www.johnbutler.uk

    I have been able to add images to the Slider, but am unable to edit the Title, Description & Link boxes as they are greyed out and don't let me add content. What settings need changing to allow this?

    Please review the attached file image.


  • edited March 3
  • Hi @sloopjohnbutler
    The title, description and button text showing perfect at our end.See the snapshot https://prnt.sc/rbv6fw
    I think some conflict happens at your end.  If possible  send me your admin detail at my email address.

    So that we can check thats going wrong with your end.

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