Breadcrumbs are not multilingualized

Currently, I am creating a shopping site using Busiprof-pro and WooCommerce.
The shopping site is multilingualized using Polylang.

However, the breadcrumbs on the product page do not transition properly.
The transition destination slug of "Product" part is not multilingualized.

correct:[Site link]/shop/  → [Site link]/en/shop-2/
error   :[Site link]/shop/  → [Site link]/en//shop/

How can I fix it?


  • Thanks for contacting us!

    It's needs to do code customization in two files  One of the file needs a replacement in the core theme file. It would be better if you share us your admin details to changes to your theme because if incase you did any mistake then it cause to stop the site. So either please you can share your site admin details at my email address "[email protected]


  • I sent an email, but there was no reply.
    Is it delivered?

  • Issue resolve via email.
    Closing this ticket.
    Look forward see you again at webriti.

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