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Hi there,

I want to remove the social media icons a little bit up like this:

Thanks in advance.

And also I followed tips in another disscussion and use Sticky Menu plugin, but there is a small dispaly issue.

When scrolling down at the team photo section, the photo overspread the sticked menu like this

Would you mind also helping take a look, thanks a lot. 


  • Hi 
    Thanks for contacting to us.
    We have checked your webstie  , you have activated busiprof lite version theme .
    Pls activate pro theme, Then lets take step by step process.
    Let us confirm are you want to add  social icon in footer social icon section.
    Indicated inside the snapshot 

    For your sticky menu  query pls create separate ticket, bz multiple query in single thread create complexity to handle better support.

  • Hi Akhilesh,

    Thanks for reply.

    I am using busiprof-pro child for 

    What you checked, it is indeed busiprof lite, but that's my separate english site(mutilple site using separate themes). 

    And I have already activated the social icons in footer. But the current positon is too low, I want to move it a bit up in the dark block.
    Please see the screenshot:

  • Hi 
    If you want  social icon in footer widget section for this  you need to use Social Media Icon Widget Plugin .
    Follow the given below instruction.
    Firstly, You need to install Social Media Icon Widget Plugin plugin. This plugin allows users to input their social media website profile URLs and display them in any widgetized area.  How to install a Plugin? Click Here
    After it go to appearance >> widgets >> find the footer widget area .
    Add SpiceMailer Social Icons in footer widget area. More help see the snapshot

    Go to settings >> SpiceMailer Social Icons >> Enter URl of respective icon would you want to show in footer section.See snapshot

  • Hello Akhilesh,

    I see. Thanks. 
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