Changing the Presets

Hi, I want to change some presets in your theme.  I think to do that I must first create a child theme, then copy :
to my /themes/rambo-pro-child directory and change the values.

1.  Can you supply a child functions.php file to me as I am unsure how to enqueue the parent-style and the bootstrap and anything else that needs to be enqueued.
2.  Must I copy the customizer.php file to the root of my rambo-pro-child directory to get 
- .../themes/rambo-pro-child/customizer.php, 
or must I copy customizer.php to same file structure as previously, to get 
- .../themes/rambo-pro-child/functions/customizer/customizer.php


  • Hi, @beinternetrich

    Thanks for contacting us.

    Better to use the plugin to create a child theme. You can use one of the plugin like this one HERE
    Or manually want to create you can follow one of the articles LIKE
    WordPress support to inherit only the the parent theme template files. To inherit customizer and subdirectory files are beyond our theme support.

  • No worries. Ive got it working now.

  • Glad to help you.

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