HELLO! I follow your istruction referring discussion "future section " to permit the icons to link web page thay i would. i install child theme plugin, if i create new file called index-features.php in the right side , the plugin show me that a file exist, if i create a new file in the left side is permitted.
after this written the code "

<a href="https://enter your url" target="_blank">"  where i have to write the line substituting
https://enter your url with a webpage.
i past as follow the image of child plugin and text file of the window where i written the code
orbius screenshoot.PNG


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    Thanks for contacting to us.
    I have checked  screenshot you send me, You did not select child theme .See the snapshot 
    Pls select child theme and create a new file and then paste code in new file.
    Also share ticket URL you have followed.
    Let me know for any confusion.

  • hello! i checked on the left side, but i don't have child theme
  • i installed child theme creator, i selected on the left side child wall street, but i can't see index-feature.php
    child theme.JPG
  • could you explain me stp by step how can i do may be using screenshoots. thank you
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    Go to Orbious theme Editor  Tab >> Then Select child theme >> Then give file name.
    More help see the snapshot http://prntscr.com/pnylxt.

    After creating file copy past the code.
    And then edit code as your need.

  • good morning, as you written me, i followed your instructions step by step, but in the right side nothing lines appear to insert the code <a href="https://enter your url" target="_blank">".
    would you like i send the file in txt format so you can write instead of me the code?
    thank you
  • Hi 
    I think you are following this ticket instruction.
    Every thing is working fine.
    If possible  send me your admin detail at my email address 

    So that we can check what's going wrong with your   end.

  • hello! i can't send to you the admin details because is intranet web site, in any case didn't work.
    I'm giving up! is not possible that i buy a theme and the most of thing i have to write the codes
  • why don't you prepare a video tutorial about the themes problems
  • this is the file that i find regard  <a href="https://enter your url" target="_blank">
  • I solved but not thanks to you
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