I state I am a pricipiante
I have a problem with the quality pro theme.
I installed woocommerce and the bread crumbs from home to shop are wrong.
how can i fix it?

Schermata 2019-10-15 alle 12.18.35.png


  • Hi, @panico

    Thanks for contacting us.

    Please confirm do you want the same as in the screenshot.

  • exactly :D @sohail

    I would like the bread crumbs to follow the path
    home> shop> category> product

  • Hi

    If you want to change breadcrumb it needs to do code customization. However, we would not recommend doing changes in the theme's core files until we not release its update. Before doing keep a backup copy of the breadcrumbs.php file. I have tested custom code is running fine.

    To change the code Go to Appearance >> Theme Editor and select breadcrumbs.php file and replace it by this code
    More help refers to this screenshot.

  • Hi

    Did the above solution work for you?

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