URGENT: Template for Homepage is missing!

Hi there,

I logged into my website this morning and my homepage was just an empty page! :O

I haven't changed any codes, nothing, in the last few weeks! How is that possible?

It doesn't show any templates when I click on edit on my homepage.

All other pages work perfectly. It's just that my homepage template is missing! (Theme is still active...)

I've redirected my homepage to my blog, so you can't see it. But it's just an empty page.

Please help me!

Kind regards,


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    Edit: I've contacted my webhost but they can only restore it to an earlier state and I can't remember when it was working fine the last time and added a huge amount of content.

    So my real question is: How can I restore my homepage template without deleting all my current content?

    My theme seems to be broken. Gosh.
    I didn't make any changes.

    It seems like it's just the child theme that's somehow broken.
    I've already deactivated all plugins - they're not the cause.
  • Hi 
    Thanks for contacting again. 

    I think you set front page  as static page . 
    Kindly go to Setting >> Reading > >Your home page display >>  Select  Your Latest Post  . 

    More help see the snapshot . 

    Let me know for  further assistance . 

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    OMG. I cannot believe that this was so simple to fix.
    I've spent over 4 hours talking to the webhosting customer service and skimming one forum after the other.

    That said, when I switch to "Your Latest Post", then my blog post page is empty! =/

    And when I switch to "Your Latest Post", my blog page looks like that.

    Any recommendations?

    (I've changed it back to how it was before incl. redirection to my blog page ... better a working blog page than a working home page)
  • Hi
    Edit the blog page and assign Blog Right sidebar template to it .

    Let me know for any confusion.

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    Well, that's the thing... all my templates are missing =/

    I remember having a list of 15-25 templates to choose from ... but they're all gone.

    I believe there's something wrong with my child theme.
    My editor says that it's broken ALTHOUGH I haven't changed anything since weeks! (and it worked perfectly the last few days)

    I really feel helpless at the moment =/
    Sorry for bothering you with this.

    Thanks for your help, Akhilesh.
    I really appreciate it!
  • Hi
    If possible send me your wordpress admin detail at my email address.

    [email protected]

  • You're a legend.
    I've sent you an email.

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