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HI: maybe I overlooked it, but how does one show the highlighted images on the pages?

When I don't put it in my page-text, it won't show, but when I do, on mobile view you get both the highlighted image AND the one in the page-text.


  • Hi, @troelnl

    I have a little bit of confusion about your query. Please elaborate more your query by a screenshot. So that we can assist you better.

  • Well,

    My paga "https://troel.nl/teksten/" only has an image at the top because I inserted it myself. As you can see in the screenshots, I added it myself and put it in the highlighted thinggie. But, when I look via the Custumizer in the mobile version and stuff, there are two pictures.

    At least. There were. But maybe it was a bug, because it isn't now anymore. Guess problem solved :D
    Added it myself.PNG
  • Glad to hear that!

    Look forward see you again at Webriti.


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