Mobile dropdown menu

Good afternoon, when the menu is viewed on a mobile device and the user selects an option, the menu appears for a second before going to the page, leaving the user no time to select options. How to make it work?


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    Thanks for purchasing our theme.
    To fix  mobile dropdown issue refer below link. 

    If still does not resolve your query, also deactivate all plugin one by one and check your issue resolve or not bz it may be any plugin conflict  with the theme.

    Let me know for any confusion.

  • Thanks. This solved the problem of a large number of items on the menu, but did not solve the disclosure problem. When you click on the top level, the menu opens and immediately goes without giving you the opportunity to choose.
  • HI 
    I found a small bug in the bootstrap menu if we click on the sub menu than the parent link is loaded.

    A Quick fix to this problem is to remove  parent  page menu and create new menu by the name you want and add "#" as a link value.
    Now add this as a menu and place all the sub menus accordingly. Now save the setting and edit the newly added products menu and remove the "#" value. 

    This will create parent menu without link. Now you will be able to access sub menus.

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