Upgrade to pro for child Dream Spa

Hi, we've purchased pro version of Spasalon.
In our website http://www.ilgermoglioelaquercia.it/ the child Beauty Spa theme is active. How can we use the pro options on the child theme, without having to reconfigure everything?


  • Sorry, child is Dream Spa, not Beauty Spa...
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    Hello Dear @officina48

    Dream Spa is a child  theme of the Spasalon. 

    So all the functionality of  Spasalon light   and   Dream Spa child theme ,have functionality in Spasalon pro theme +  Spasalon pro theme also have additional functionality . 

    Conclusion :- If you use Spasalon pro theme in that case no need to use  Dream Spa child theme . 

    To download and install pro theme refer below link.

    Kindly Activate pro them and let me know step by step in which section are you getting issue . 
    When you activate  spasalon pro theme  you front page data will lost  bz  In pro theme we managed front page section via custom post type . 
    To set up content   refer theme docs link 

    Let us know for any confusion.

  • Hi, I have installed and configured Spasalon pro,
    but I have some problems.
    1. In the sliders the title and description, the button and the related link are not displayed (only in the banner).
    2. Can the size of the logo be increased?
    Thank you
  • Hi 
    To display button.
    Remove the below css code from Customizer >> Additonal css box.

    .addr-detail {
         display: none; 

    Let me know for any confusion.

  • This is not the problem. I deliberately hid it! But the title and description of the slide (not banner!) do not appear.
    Then I can't link the slider to the pages.
    See attachment

  • Hi 
    For this you need to use home page 2 template page.
    Go to  Admin area  >> add new page >>  Select Home page two template.

    Then go to setting >>  Reading >>   Select  a static page as your need.

    Refer below video URL. See the snapshot from this time video depends on your need.
    Look forward see you again at webriti.


  • Thanks, now it works.
    Other issues:
    2. Can the size of the logo be increased?
    3. in this page we use About us template
    but only 10 team members are shown (we have 11, excluding those above). How can I increase the number of displayed items?

    Thanks a lot

  • Hi
    Sure we will assist you.

    Never bundle multiple query in single thread bz it create complexity to handle better support query.

    So pls create separate ticket for your each issue.

  • Closing this ticket.

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