My home page has 4 sets of h1, this is abnormal.


Plz view the source of my home page, , There are 4 sets of H1 in the home page. this is bad for SEO. 
1. How can i find those 4 sets of H1 and modify it?  
2. I already tried Appearance>>Editor, and index files.   but i can not find the 4 sets of H1

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  • By the way, all the 4 sets of h1 is not my main keywords, they are not important at all. 

    i want to change the h1 to include more important keywords
  • Hi 
    Thanks for asking query again.
    See the snapshot  Home page Project , Client , Service and Blog post section heading have h1 tag heading .
    Are you want to change these h1 heading to h2 .

    Pls clear me.So that we can assist you better.

  • As we know, H1 is important for SEO. 

    I want to set other keywords as H1, and change those Project, Client, Service and Blog into less important staturs.  For example, H2 or H3. 

    How to realize this?  Thank you for your help. and you do understand what i mean. Really appreciate.

    Best regards,
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    Lets take step by step process.
    To change Project  section title to h2 For this follow the given below instruction.
    1 Create child theme Refer this link Ignore If you already created.
    2 Copy the index-project.php file and past into child theme directory .
    3  Open it and find the below line of code on line no 12 .

    <h1 class="section-heading"><?php echo $current_options['project_tag_line'];?></h1>

    4 And replace it with below line of code. 

    <h2 class="section-heading"><?php echo $current_options['project_tag_line'];?></h2>

    Let me know for any confusion.

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    thanks for your reply Akhilesh, 

    1. your solution can only change one H1 of my home page, i have 4 sets total. how can i change all the 4 h1?
    2. besides, how can i create a h1 for my home page? for example i want to make a keyword as H1 for my home page, cuz this is good for SEO

  • just tell me where can i find the rest 3 sets of H1 please.  i can only find 1sets
  • ok 
    Now same 
    1 Copy the index-clientstrip.php file and past into child theme directory .
    2  Open it and find the below line of code on line no 14 .

    <h1 class="section-heading"><?php echo $current_options['client_title']; ?></h1>

    3 And replace it with below line of code. 

    <h2 class="section-heading"><?php echo $current_options['client_title']; ?></h2>

    You can change h2 tag value as your need.

    Let me know for any confusion.

  • hi Akhilesh,

    Do you mean past the index-clientstrip.php content from father theme into child theme and then edit?

    I checked the index-clientstrip.php in father theme, there is no content include h1, also no  <h1 class="section-heading"><?php echo $current_options['client_title']; ?></h1>

  • Hello
    Yes Copy the index-clientstrip.php file from parent theme then past inside the child theme directory.
    Then open and edit the file.
    More help see the snapshot


  • Could you plz read my post before reply, thank you .

    I can not find the <h1 class="section-heading"><?php echo $current_options['client_title']; ?></h1>
    in index-clientstrip.php.

    plz read my post and then reply. thanks
  • i also can not find the same things in other index, for example, service and blog, also don't have this sentence, only project has this sentence.
  • Hello
    Its working showing at our end.
    If possible send me your admin detail at my email address 

    SO that I will check whats going wrong with your end.

  • Hi 
    Any update here ?

  • hi akhilesh,

    Thank you for your time and update, i already send the passwod and user name to your email, plz check.

    Plz don't change anything if possible, the only thing i want do is to find the 4 sets of H1, i would like to change it by myself. 

    Thank you very much

    With regards
  • thanks Akhilesh, it's done.  appreciate
  • HI
    Glade to know that its work for you . 
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    Look forward see  you again at webriti
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