Empezar de cero

Acabo de descargar y activar la versión premium, pero en la anterior borré las páginas y ahora no se muestran.
¿Como puedo restaurar el tema de cero? aún hay poco contenido subido, por lo que no es importante si se pierde todo.


  • Hello
    Thanks for contacting to us.
    Always post your query in English language.
    Our hope page section data you need to set again. Bz portfolio and testimonial section we managed via custom post type.
    Your post and page data will remain same.
    To set up content in our theme read theme help docs link.
    Let us know for any confusion.

  • Hello
    Did your issue resolve ?

  • Hello, Akhilesh

    I'm new whith this tools. I've deleted pages like "about us" "service"... because initialy don't need it.
    Now think it will work much better with them and buy premium version but these pages are still deleted, or I don't find them anywhere.
    Cheked your link but no info abut that there.

    Have any suggestion?

    The web is:

    No contents upload on it, so can be reestarted with no problem.


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