features unavailable after update theme

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  • Hello
    Thanks for contacting to us.
    let us know Which features unavailable  after update theme.
    Kindly more clear about your issue so that we can assist you better.

  • all pro features. like the about our team. Also in the customizer there is a banner which says upgrade to pro
  • Hello dear 
    I think you did not install theme successfully.
    To install theme refer below link.
    Then read our theme help docs link to set up content in our theme.
    Let us know for any confusion.


  • Hi Akhilesh,

    thanks for the answer, i've got the new theme up and running, only one problem. I had over 30 testimonials/reviews in the previous theme version, but now there is only one.

    I would like to have them all back as you can imagine
  • Hello
    TO add testimonial refer below link. 

    Light version testimonial automatically appears shows in pro theme testimonial section.
    If you unable to showing light theme testimonial you can add again.

    Let us know for further help.

  • I am sorry but i think i was not clear. I had all the testimonials added but they are gone now after the update of the theme. i hope you do not mean that i have to fill them in again, this is a lot of work
  • Hi
    At our end it's working well.
    If possible send me your admin detail at my email address

    [email protected]

    So that we can check what's going wrong with your end.

  • Hi Akhlesh, i have send it via email.

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