Hello, I have a problem, I have bought pro version but I can do nothing really. I have no additional image and the editor do not allow to change size of bock text or number of image box or change the properties etc. as any other themes I have already used. I do not find other additional sample page?

Thanks in advance ,


  • something like that. Regards

  • Thanks for contacting us!

    Please make sure that your busiprof theme should be activated? After activated dummy data automatically comes in the homepage for all sections. If you add your own data that dummy data will be replaced. To configure the theme refer our help document - ; 

    Let me if have any confusion!


  • Everything are completed in pro version, however it is not possible to have a good interface to change everything in the page ... and I have no icone , no additionnal picture .
    How can I add new thing different as the basic thing include?
    For instance how I can change the property of the text box etc.


  • For instance, I can not delete section part on home page and change completely. I should need a recover the theme is very limited. Sorry, but I have passed time is too limited.
  • Hi @florianducroquet

    We already have given the feature to hide the sections. Each section you can hide from the homepage from customizer setting i.e. Appearance=>Customize=>Homepage section settings

    Let me know if further need any assistance!

  • Thanks for your answer gamit, I sent to you a screen, I hope you do not talk about that, because is it exactly the problem. I can not add new section. It is restricted byt the theme or drag and drop. Where is the specific editor to manage that, not wordpress press but the other?
    For instance, how can I put new button anywhere, or video where I want on any pages? 
    And How can change offer page without any link with homepage and change what I want?
    Hope you understand, 

  • ..screenshot
  • Hi

    From your previous screenshots we notice that to create post pages you are using the page builder plugin i.e. visual composer plugin. So there are many such plugins to create posts pages in your own way. You can create such pages or posts using the Elementor plugin. Using it you can add your own HTML elements like new button anywhere, or video where I want on any pages. However using this plugin you can't edit our given HTML templates.

    For Theme template configuration I already shared in my previous comment. 

    Please let me know if need any assistance while configuring the theme sections.

  • Ok, so no solution . May i have a recovering? Regards
  • Hi,
    Could I have an answer please? I have many bug and I do not want to code. Other issue, I can not have a differente content on services mentioned on main page and the page services ? If I change one that change the others... However, That still link with my initial issue.

  • Hi

    It's the same as shown in our Demo site. However, many more plugins are available in WordPress you can search. You can see these two plugins i.e. "Service Box Showcase" and "Service Box" for the same.

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