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I have just ran a SEO check on my website, and found out that a lot of the site is with h1 tags. Especially on the frontpage. 
In the headlines for each box in the theme - Is it possible to change that? 


  • You can edit to change the tag h1 to h2 for all of the respective sections. Just refer to this screenshot: https://prnt.sc/nadxhf

    Or just copy all such files ( files that are shown in the above screenshot ) from your parent theme to the child theme, & edit each file to change their h1 tags to h2.

    Better to prefer the second approach i.e. using the child theme.

  • When trying to change home-callout from h1 to h2 it turn the text to grey and not keeping the white text. 

    Same if i try to change the slider video h1 to h2. 
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    Hi @pyrotestdk

    Paste the below css code in the custom css box after change h1 tags to h2.
     .format-video h2 {
        color: #fff;
        text-shadow: 1px 1px 2px #000;
        font-family: 'Open Sans';
        font-size: 40px;
        line-height: 45px;
        font-weight: 400;
        border-radius: 2px;
        padding: 0 0 15px;
        letter-spacing: 0;
        margin: 0;
    .callout-section h2 {
        color: #fff;
        letter-spacing: 0px;
        padding: 0 90px;
        margin: -5px 0 17px;
        text-align: center;

    Let me know did it work.

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