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Hello again...i need two small changes...

1-) Remove the icons of social media in the footer that i'm not using...(actually i only have FACEBOOK)

2-) if I add the "testimonials" section in main my customers can add their opinion about my company? Because i only found add manually by admin...but not the customers himself...

Thanks !!!


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    Thanks for contacting to us.
    TO remove social media icon from footer  except  facebook. 
    Add the below css code inside the  Addtitional css box. 

    .site-info li.twitter, .site-info li.linkedin, .site-info li.googleplus, .site-info {
        display: none;

    Let me know for further assistance. 
    For your testimonial section  query pls create separate ticket bz mutiple query in single thread create complexity to handle better support query.

  • It works ! as always...thanks...

    ok i make another post
  • HI
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