9) And lastly, in the actual full-width page that displays the blog article itself, I want the blog

9) And lastly, in the actual full-width page that displays the blog article itself, I want the blog article to be *NOT* boxed and fill the entire width of the screen, or at least to decrease the padding between the text and the box, and the box and the side of the screen (see image). As you can see from the mock-up, this will be a text/information - intensive site, so I need the space to insert the related images.
Screenshot_20190313-222402 (1).jpg


  • However, we would not recommend you to change the layout in such a way coz somewhere it may further cause to unknown layout issues. You can try to edit the blog-fullwidth.php file with a simple adding prefix in the existing class. Refer this screenshot: http://prntscr.com/mxrcf7

  • Sorry, this didn't work.
    I think we are talking about different pages. I want to modify this page -->

  • >95% of the visitors will be on mobile. So some compromises regarding the desktop design are okay.

  • Ok! in the same way like in the previous edit in the template you can edit for single.php file but the class change would be different. Just refer this screenshot to edit that file.

    Let me know if it's the same as you want!

  • Im sorry, that didnt work....
    Here is the change as I made it (Now Ive reverted back to the original value of "container")
  • Screenshot
  • Please see these screenshots
  • Please try with this custom CSS:

    /*single post image*/
    .news .post-thumbnail {
       padding: 30px 25px 0;
    /*single post image*/

  • Im sorry that didn't work either.

    When you sent the initial reply (regarding blog-fullwidth.php), the change made was *perfect* but it was made to the wrong page. 

    I just want the same change in the single post page.

  • Also, the website is live now, to check for changes: http://epilepsyparkinsons.com/
  • Hi, @siddkhar

    If you want as similar changes ( link blog-fullwidth.php ) for the single post page, then the file you need to edit would be single.php

    So it would be edited in the same manner for single.php file. Just refer to this Screenshot

    After edit, single post page will look like:

    Let me know again!

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    This works but creates a lot of empty space. How can I reduce the blank spaces shown in the diagram?
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  • Blank space
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    OK! after adding prefix as per my previous comment, you further need to add additional custom CSS. After that you can add custom CSS in your theme's custom CSS box:

    /*single post content margin padding*/
    .single-post .post-content {
        padding: 10px 10px;
    .single-post  #section-block {
        padding: 25px 0 25px;
    /*single post content margin padding*/

    * Change value 25, 10 to reduce more or even to 0 if don't need any margin.
    * You can even try this custom CSS without adding prefix to any class also.

    Let me know did it work!
  • You're a class act! Thanks.
    How do I do the same thing for the category page?
  • Hello,
    How can I reduce the blank space for the category page as well?
  • Hi, @siddkhar

    If you want to do the same for the category page only then you need to place THIS file in your theme folder. And for the respective add THIS custom CSS in the theme's custom CSS box.

    In case, want to apply the same to all the archive pages like category, tag, date etc then need to do just simple edit to archive.php file ( same to add prefix SCREENSHOT ) & add THIS custom CSS respectively.

    Now, it's all up to you where to apply.

    Let me know if any confusion!

  • Thanks, This is great! Please close this thread!
  • Glad to help you!

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    Thanks :)
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