Remove scroll to top chevron. Change slider height.

Please advise:
1) How can I remove the scroll to top chevron 
2) How can I change the height of the slider on the front page?
3) On the blog page (main blog page) how can I have a border around the article summary at all times?  (see image)
4) Regarding the image size and excpert length, I like the way the "health care" theme looks. How can I modify the size of the image shown and make them as small as the "health care" theme?  How can I increase the amount of text shown?


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    Also, please let me know:
    5) How can I change the font used in blog posts (main body/paragraphs/material)? Using the "customize" option does not work.

    6) On top of every full width page, where the page title appears (along with the crumb bar) - I want to replace the gray background with a picture. Is that possible?

    7) When I insert a picture for the slider in the main page, it becomes very blurred. What is the reason? I have sized the image to be the same as the sample images for the slider (file attached). Here is what it looks like on the website:
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    8) How do I align the menu to be below the site logo, and aligned to the left so that it looks neater (see attached image). Is the problem with alignment because the logo is too large? What is the maximum width (in pixels) that can be accommodated?
  • 9) And lastly, in the actual full-width page that displays the blog article itself, I want the blog article to be *NOT* boxed and fill the entire width of the screen, or at least to decrease the padding between the text and the box, and the box and the side of the screen. As you can see from the mock-up, this will be a text/information - intensive site, so I need the space to insert the related images.
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    Thanks for contacting to us.
    Never bundle multiple issue in single thread bz it create complexity to  handle better support query.
    So always open new ticket for each issue. So that we can assist you better.

    For your first query #1 see the snapshot and confirm me are you want to remove scroll icon indicated inside the snapshot.
    For your #2 Query, Slider Height refer this link. 

    Let me know for further assistnace. 

  • Thanks!
    Yes, that is the icon I want to remove.

    Is this the line I need to modify?

    #slider-carousel .item { background-repeat: no-repeat; height: auto !important; }

    > And if I just want to decrease the height of the slider, do I need to modify the other settings?

    I would like the slider to be approximately 60-70% of its current size.
  • Tried this, it makes the fonts on the mobile extraordinarily small
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    I just want to remove the extra parts of the image above and below the text (see attached image), on both the desktop and mobile versions. I dont want to make any changes to the text size or padding. I can use any image size you want - There will be only one image for the slider.

    please note that some compromises on the desktop version are acceptable, most of the visitors (>90%) will be on mobile.
  • I have moved query 1 to another discussion. We can use this one only for the slider. Thanks.
  • Hello
    Pls upload your  required height size image. 
    If we fix the height of the size it will effect on the responsiveness feature of the website.
    So better is upload your required height size image. 


  • Here is the image I am trying to use. It is just resized by the theme, and the slider height remains the same.
  • Hello
    If you  want to fix the height of the slider.
    Add the below css code inside the custom css box. 

    #slider-carousel .item { height: 600px !important; }

    Let me know for further assistance. 

  • This works! Thanks :)
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