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I have images I'm putting into my blog posts with a caption.  I've been able to change the font size, but not how close the text sits under the image.  I'd like to make the text close to the image and the caption border as small as possible, and transparent or white, not grey.

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    I would like the following on image captions:
    -no color on border
    -caption in 10 pt font
    -caption left justified
    -and as little margin of the caption border beneath the image as possible

    I noticed the css coding says:  .wp-caption p.wp-caption-text
    margin: 12px 0 !important;

    I believe that's part of what I want to change.

    Also, can I change the padding around images?  Right now, for an example of an image aligned to left,  I see the following:
    caption.alignleft, img.alingleft {
    margin: 0.4 cm 1.6cm 1.6 cm 0;
    I would prefer 0.4 cm around the entire image

    and then
    .site-content .post p, home-post-latest .post p{
    margin: 0 0 20px;

    I would like the text to wrap around evenly, with the margin 0 on all sides of the image, rather than having a larger space between the bottom of the image and the text below it.

    I'm new to this, so I'm not sure I know the terms well enough to make myself clear.  I appreciate your help, your team has been very helpful in the past as well.

  • Hello
    I have checked your website pls tell me on which page image caption would you want to change. 
    Pls send us snapshot by indicating page section image cation would you want to change into its typo.
    Thanks for your patience. 

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    I would like to change the formatting for all images/captions I use on my blog posts.  Is that possible?

    is there a way to attach a pdf?  I have it explained with pictures in pdf format.  I'll try taking a screen shot and sending it.


  • Hello
    The screen shot you have attached did not showing at our end.
    Pls send again.

  • I've tried attaching a png and a pdf.  I hope it comes through.
    khamblinhart padding issues.png
    khamblinhart padding issues.pdf
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    I have checked your caption font size is already 10px.

    For this add the below css code inside the custom css box. 

    .wp-caption {
        margin: 0 ! important;
        padding: 0.4cm;

    img.alignright, .wp-caption.alignright {
        margin: 0 ! important;
        padding: 0.4cm ! important;

    Let me know for further assistnace. 

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